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Let AI Handles Your WhatsApp Messages

The AI Assistant is a groundbreaking product that converts WhatsApp Line conversations into AI-powered interactions.

It allows you to set a personalized description, and based on that description, the AI Assistant generates intelligent and contextually appropriate responses to incoming messages.

It supports both text and voice messages (Coming Soon), ensuring a natural and seamless communication experience.

Highlight Features

Handle customer enquiries from multiple WhatsApp lines simultaneously, ensuring separation of departments e.g. Sales vs Service

Serve customers globally by leveraging AI ability to provide multilingual responses, breaking down language barriers.

Customize AI bot effortlessly using natural language, empowering businesses to tailor AI to your specific needs


Get started easily with our tailored plans for your needs


$39 / mo

  • 1 WhatsApp Line
  • Limited Messages
  • Customize bot using text
  • Email support
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$69 / mo

  • 2 WhatsApp Line
  • Limited Messages
  • Customize bot using text
  • Priority email support
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$$$ / mo

  • Unlimited WhatsApp Line
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Customize bot using text and files
  • Phone and email support
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